Heaven: 9 gourmet desserts delivered to your friend's (or your own) front door

Here's the place to make your holiday dream desserts a reality. Step one: Behold delicious desserts online. Step two: Choose the gourmet sweets that tempt your taste buds. Step three: Have desserts delivered to your doorstep. Step four: Enjoy. Yes, it's a dream come true.

 Caramel Sauce Caramel Sauce

Fat Toad Farm - Caramel Sauce

Goat's milk adds a unique, buttery complexity to this Vermont family's hand-crafted 'cajeta' caramel sauces, available in four tempting flavors. Buy Fat Toad Farm's cajeta gourmet caramel here.

 Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Gourmet Belgian Chocolate

Fairytale Brownies - Gourmet Belgian Chocolate

Best friends armed with a secret family recipe and rich Belgian chocolate created Fairytale Brownies. A few bites and you'll be on your way to happily ever after. Buy Fairy Tale gourmet brownies online here.

 Traditional Multilayered Cakes Traditional Multilayered Cakes

Smith Island Baking Company - Traditional Multilayered Cakes

Maryland's official state dessert boasts layer upon layer of cake and a coat of delicious frosting, made right on Smith Island and shipped straight to you. Buy Smith Island Baking Company's Smith Island Cakes here.

 The Whoopie The Whoopie

Chococoa Baking Company - The Whoopie

The traditional whoopie pie has been updated and refined with sophisticated flavors. It's still comfort food, but it has a new look and taste. Buy The Whoopie gourmet Whoopie Pie here.

 Cookies for Grown Ups Cookies for Grown Ups

Lark Fine Foods - Cookies for Grown Ups

These gourmet cookies are made for grown-ups with a craving for sophisticated treats. Buy Lark Fine Foods' gourmet cookie gifts here.

 All Natural Honeycomb Round All Natural Honeycomb Round

Savannah Bee - All Natural Honeycomb Round

For an experience you won't forget, try a taste of pure golden honey, enjoyed straight from the honeycomb. It's just the way the bees made it. Buy Savannah Bee's pure bee honeycomg here.

 Truly Splendid Ice Creams Truly Splendid Ice Creams

Jeni's - Truly Splendid Ice Creams

You'll be hooked on these most splendid ice creams. Don't say we didn't warn you! Buy Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams gourmet ice cream here.

 Stone Ground Organic Chocolate Stone Ground Organic Chocolate

Taza Chocolate - Stone Ground Organic Chocolate

Artisanal chocolate melds flavor, tradition and history. You can see, feel and taste what's different about this chocolate Buy Taza Chocolate organic chocolate gifts here.

 Little Pieces of Conversation Little Pieces of Conversation

Toffee Talk - Little Pieces of Conversation

Want to know a secret? CJ's Toffee Talk is a delicious conversation starter with a rich family history. Buy Toffee Talk gourmet toffee candies here.

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