Say it isn't so: "Glee" clothing

Oh, I admit it -- I've missed most of this season of "Glee." I didn't tune in for the rendition of Rocky Horror. I haven't yet Hulu-ed Gwyneth's gig on the show. But how in the world did I miss out on the "Glee" clothing line at Macy's?

I was jolted out of my cashmere scarf-hunting haze when I nearly walked into a display right in the middle of the department store lined with stacks of "Glee" hoodies, dedazzled tees, and very-v-neck shirts, all in teeny tiny sizes with boosted price tags and the show's logo all over the front.

It's not cheap to show your Gleekdom so prominently. The t-shirts are priced at $19.99 and $24.99, jackets and sweatshirts are $34.99. It's not investment piece pricing, but it's out of Forever 21 price range (who is, I assume, catering to the same audience) just to advertise the show.

I get that "Glee" is a great show. My kid and I regularly belt out the soundtrack on the way to kindergarten drop-off and I am in no way ashamed to admit that I've dreamed of belting out a bit of show choir-ified Madonna or Journey on stage. But do I need a sequined baseball-style logo shirt to declare all that?

Or do you, no matter how cheerleader-with-chops-and-a-heart or creative-genius-nerd-who-has-found-his-niche you are, are you a true Gleek if you are wearing a zipper track jacket with a big ass television branding patch on the belly?

You don't buy these at a tent outside a Glee concert tour or rescue it out of a bulk store discount bin. These are available at a department store. The same one with the fur vault and pretty rhinestone hair pins and jeggings. OK, the jeggings go well with these tops, but still.

Umm...WWSSS? (Why, yes, that is What Would Sue Sylvester Say?). Even more critical, would Britney dare to wear one of these horrors?

Would you pull on a "Glee" tee before you karaoked the hell out of a Wham song or similar?