Shopping for two: Cool gifts for great couples

How about a partridge for your favorite pair? Or two turtle doves for a winning twosome? If you're looking for something special for a great couple, look no further. We've found gifts for every dynamic duo.

 Film Festival in a Box Film Festival in a Box

Indieflix - Film Festival in a Box

Instead of a book club, why not host a film festival in your home? IndieFlix makes it easy to screen short, superb independent films. Buy the Indieflix film festival in a box game here.

 Swedish Viking Lawn Game Swedish Viking Lawn Game

V:King - Swedish Viking Lawn Game

Inspired by a legendary Swedish game, this beautifully crafted lawn game challenges players to topple opponents' shields and conquer the king. Unleash your inner Viking! Buy V:King swedish outdoor lawn game here.

 Exfoliating Bath Set Exfoliating Bath Set

Baudelaire Soaps - Exfoliating Bath Set

Exfoliation invigorates your entire body. But you need the right tools. Baudelaire's bath products give your skin a deep clean. Buy Baudelaire's exfoliating brush and soap set here.

 Handmade Gourmet Pasta Handmade Gourmet Pasta

Al Dente Pasta - Handmade Gourmet Pasta

The perfect marriage of traditional methods and modern tastes yields innovative pastas that are tender yet firm, delicious and quick-cooking. Buy Al Dente Pasta's whole wheat pasta, low carb pasta or organic pasta here.

 Ventless Fireplace Ventless Fireplace

Anywhere Fireplace - Ventless Fireplace

A ventless fireplace is an elegant, eco-friendly way to add instant warmth and ambiance to any room, inside or out. Buy a contemporary stainless steel wall mount or pit Anywhere Fireplace here.

 Finnish Towels Finnish Towels

Jokipiin Pellava - Finnish Towels

These linen/organic cotton blend friction towels soak up water, stimulate circulation, and leave you with glowing skin. They'll last for years, too. Buy Jokipiin Pellava's linen luxury bath towels here.

 Personalized Stationery Gift Set Personalized Stationery Gift Set

Lo-Lo Paper Treats - Personalized Stationery Gift Set

Personalized notepads and greeting cards put a modern, colorful spin on traditional stationery. Each collection is cleverly packaged in a bakery box tied with twine. Buy Lo Lo Paper Treats personalized stationary gifts and custom notepads here.

 Body Massage Soy Candles Body Massage Soy Candles

Scandle Candle - Body Massage Soy Candles

These beautifully scented candles produce massage oil as they burn, so you can enjoy the fragrance then dip into the heated oil to nourish your skin. Buy the Scandle Candle soy body massage candle here.

 World Class Experience Gifts World Class Experience Gifts

Cloud 9 Living - World Class Experience Gifts

Hike the San Andreas fault, operate a bulldozer, play poker with a pro. Cloud 9 Living helps you give someone special the experience of a lifetime. Learn about Cloud9 Living's experience gifts here.

 The Pioneers of DNA Art The Pioneers of DNA Art

DNA 11 - The Pioneers of DNA Art

Create a vibrant, contemporary conversation piece with this innovative service that turns your DNA into personalized artwork. Buy DNA11 DNA art here.

 Crab Cakes Crab Cakes

Angelina's - Crab Cakes

Have your (crab) cake and eat it, too, as long as it's Angelina's of Maryland. Buy Angelina's crab cakes here.

 Cribbage Set Cribbage Set

Mean & Wroughten - Cribbage Set

The distinctive metal "board" would make any cribbage aficionado happy, and the clean, simple design would surely intrigue a novice. Buy Mean & Wroughten's unique cribbage board here.

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