Ten Free Gift Ideas; not just for Christmas

During these difficult economical times free gifts should be high on your list. Many people simply cannot afford to go on a spending spree to purchase gifts for anyone, and that is where free gifts come in to play.

Each of us has some sort of talent and your inspiration, for a free gift, should stem from your particular talent. Here is a list of ten possible gift ideas which should get you on track for using your unique talent for a free gift.

1. If you play a musical instrument, write, perform and record a song as your free gift.

2. If you write poetry, write and perform your poem as your free gift.

3. If you have the gift of sewing make some warm pajamas for your kids with materials that you already have. When I was a boy, my grandmother made some warm pajamas as my gift for Christmas. When I received the gift I was disappointed, however, I loved those pajamas for years and years.

4. Do you have an old football in your closet and for one reason or other your father has been too busy to play with you lately? The problem is the football belongs to you. Wrap it up and give it to your father as a free gift. I promise he will play with you more often.

5. Do you have anything around your house that you never use? Trade it to someone for something they never use and give it as a free gift. Everyone will be happy.

6. Do you have an old bicycle in the garage that you seldom use? Wrap it up and give it to your little brother/sister as a free gift. That will be a gift he/she will never forget.

7. Make your own card for your mother and give it to her as a free gift. Write something inside that is very neat and she will remember that card forever.

8. If your grandma/grandpa loves apples, find someone who has an apple tree and ask if you can pick a few. Give them as a free gift. Don't pick them until the day that you give the gift.

9. Get out your water colors and paint a picture for your mother and one for your father as a free gift. Make it a happy picture and you may find it in a frame hanging on a wall in your house.

10. Take your wife/husband to the back yard, under the stars, stare into their eyes and tell them that you love them as a free gift. This is truly the gift which keeps on giving.

Gift time is a special time and when you give a free gift from your heart you are giving the gift that never goes away and never cost money. Learn to give a free gift from your heart. You don't need money and you will experience many special moments.

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