The Lame Holiday Gifts Stop Here--4 Things No Mom Wants to Unwrap

I already know I am going to catch hell for this post, but that's a risk I'm willing to take. I don't care if you call me a spoiled brat, ungrateful, whatever--I can handle it because I'm doing this for the greater good.

We've all received that gift that initially makes us think "WTF?," but then we quickly catch ourselves, muster up a smile and say thanks. ("For nothing"--but that stays in our head, of course.) Well, that ends this year. Whether you're the notoriously bad gifter or you know someone who always seems to top their awesomely bad gift from the previous year, here's a list of four gifts no one should give (or receive). Feel free to forward this post to the horrible gifters in your life with a note like, "Hahaha, isn't this post so funny?"

1. Gifts for someone else. Maybe this is just me, but there are few things that suck more than thinking I'm about to open a cool gift for myself only to find it's a toy or clothes or something for my daughter. Don't get me wrong--I am totally appreciative of people buying her gifts. But we are 2 different people and sometimes I like gifts that really are (just) for me.

2. Re-gifts. In general, I am fine with re-gifting. I don't mind receiving a gift that would otherwise collect dust in your junk closet. But there are some exceptions. It is not okay to re-gift something you've already used--a lot. If you tried on the sweater once and it didn't fit, that's cool. But 99% of the time, I don't want a sweater you've worn (and washed) for a season already. The other exception? Stuff you know I'll never use either. I know you don't drink and I'm sure that's a very nice case of wine, but I don't drink either.
Click here for the right way to re-gift.

3. IOUs. I appreciate the sentiment, really I do. But in my experience, IOUs are rarely ever really redeemable. I'd love to cash in on a babysitting IOU, except that every time I seem to want to use it you already have plans. How about you keep the IOU and get me a subscription to instead?

4. Underwear. Unless you are my significant other, I think underwear makes for a really awkward gift. Especially sexy underwear. If you really can't think of anything else to get me, I'll be happy with a gift card.

Okay, I've shared mine. What gifts do you hate receiving?

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