What makes a great yoga mat?

Katy Downey, LotuspadKaty Downey, Lotuspad
Nothing ruins a Zen moment like a slippery yoga mat. With Lotuspad, you can hold your pose on a non-slip mat that's extra thick, extra long and eco-friendly too.

Katy Downey created Lotuspad after she went looking for a safe yoga mat for her baby to play on. She wanted a nontoxic mat made without potentially harmful materials like PVC. When she had a hard time finding one, she decided to make it herself.

Buy Eco Friendly Skidless Yoga Mat here.Buy Eco Friendly Skidless Yoga Mat here. Lotuspad is a bit thicker (5 millimeters) and a bit longer (72 inches) than most mats, and it has a superior grip. It's free of PVC, BPA, latex and lead. The closed cell construction means it resists moisture, prevents bacterial and fungal growth, and won't hold onto unsavory smells. It's also reversible, so you can use both brightly colored sides. When you're done, the Lotuspad rolls up for easy transport with one of Katy's handcrafted carrying straps made of sturdy grosgrain ribbon.

If you're looking for cushioned comfort and a better grip, Lotuspad does it with style.

Buy the Lotus Mat eco friendly skidless yoga mat here.

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