Would you carry a personal alarm? 3 loud but awesome security keychains

It's not uncommon to feel vulnerable when you're walking alone at night, heading for your car in a parking garage, or traveling in an unfamiliar city. Today's Grommet can't promise invincibility, but it can provide another line of defense if you feel threatened.

Ila Security's personal alarms.Ila Security's personal alarms.We're featuring three personal alarms from ila Security that are designed to shock and disorient potential attackers and draw attention to dangerous situations. Simon McGiver, James Phillips, and Neil Munn set out to design alarms that are easy to carry, so a woman is more likely to take one along. These three founders of ila Security were inspired by their wives and daughters to create safety devices that are small, appealing, and easy to integrate into everyday life.

Buy Personal Security Alarms here.Buy Personal Security Alarms here.Named after the Hindu goddess of speech, the Dusk alarm emits an extremely loud female scream when it's activated. The super-small ila Pebble sounds a piercing 130-decibel alarm when it's activated. Both can attach to a key chain or clip onto a handbag for easy access. For dorm rooms, apartments, youth hostels, and hotel rooms, the ila Wedge sits in front of a closed door and sets off a 130-decibel alarm if the door is opened, even just a crack.

In the event of an attack, the last thing you want is to lose your voice. But in a panicked state, the adrenalin surge can render a person speechless. A personal security alarm from ila can break the silence.

Buy Ila Security's personal alarms here.

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