Top 10 Signs That You May Have Overdone the Kids' Christmas

Did you know today's stocking stuffers used to be yesterday's main course of presents?

1940: "Oh look-a Ping-Pong ball and a Tootsie Roll (the penny size)."
1963: "Oh look-a kitchen-table Ping Pong set and some Tootsie Rolls (the movie-theater size).
2010: "Oh look-a little blue velvet box and a little blue velvet bag with a shiny sterling-silver bracelet with a silver charm of a Tootsie Roll, and hey, what's with these little squares of chalk?" The parents then explain, all smiles, that the chalk is a clue-to the 760-pound, professional -quality pool slate pool table with foosball and Ping-Pong attachments that's being delivered next week; that is, if the bay window can be removed for the crane to hoist the table through the dining room. "But don't worry," they assure their children. "That's not your real present. That's just a little something for the whole family."

Are you overdoing the holiday? The top 10 signs the answer just might be yes:

10. Tiffany's asked your daughter to loan back her new necklace for its upcoming global exhibit 150 Years of Diamonds.

Your credit card earned enough frequent-flyer miles for a round trip ticket to Tokyo.

Laurie Berkner called to ask if you found a guitar tuner in your couch.

Your daughter loves her new pet, but its February and the new stable still doesn't have a roof.

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