Wrap It Up! 3 Ways to Make Your Gift Stand Out

My friends and family get a bad wrap -- literally. When it comes to gifts, I am the world's worst wrapper. Maybe it's my aversion to all that creasing and folding. Or the fact that I get bored halfway through. It might be because I'm intimidated by all those other well-dressed gifts under the tree. Or maybe it's just too similar to making a bed - another task I like to avoid.

But, as usual, I have officially been saved with Disney's "All Things Merry" Holiday Guide (the same guide that I got great gift ideas from and recipes to die for). Not only did I learn how to make a triple bow, I also was able to follow their how-to video and made these adorable, festive gift bags with the kiddos. (Psst: I suggest the reindeer bag -- super easy!)

Cute, right?

OK, over the past few weeks, we've talked shopping, decorating, holiday cards and wrapping gifts... are you as exhausted as I am? Next week, we're sharing traditions and confessing about some holidays gone...well, let's just say I've heard some interesting tales. Share your holiday traditions and experiences and maybe you'll be one of those featured in next week's post!