6 Things That Can Ruin Your Holiday

The expectations are high. The preparations are exhausting. The extended family is growing. And the holidays are imminent. If the stress of the season hasn't gotten to you yet, it may soon. One way to deal with it is to avoid old habits and patterns that have led to conflict in the past. Read on to learn how to rid yourself of six habits that can sabotage the season.

1. Being Inflexible

As families grow, it becomes less likely that everybody can be in one place for the holidays. It's a tough decision, especially when family members live far and wide and everyone wants to celebrate with the kids. If relatives decide to spend the holidays away from you this year, believe them when they say it was a difficult decision. Instead of getting angry, follow these tips to make the best of the situation.

2. Not Taking Time for Yourself

Believe it or not, your family will understand if you aren't around 24/7 while they're visiting. If you take a time-out every now and then or take a day off from making a batch of cookies, you'll avoid feeling overwhelmed - and you'll be better company for the whole family. Consider these suggestions for places to hide.

3. Scrambling at the Last Minute

If family is coming to your house, plan ahead. Set aside time - whole days if possible - for shopping, baking, and other preparations as best you can. When prep work is finished before everyone arrives, it reduces stress and gives you more time to play with the kids.

4. Expecting Perfection

If you burn a pie, and you don't have the time or ingredients to make another one, don't panic, don't scream, don't write off the meal. Just accept that not everything goes as planned, and move on. Will your family really miss having a fourth dessert on the table? Not likely.

Criticizing Too Much

So what if your daughter-in-law can't cook a turkey to save her life. Saying, "That's not how I do it!" is only going to cause tension, especially if you are a guest in her home. If you're spending the holidays under someone else's roof, or more to the point, in someone else's kitchen, your rules don't necessarily apply. Find out how to voice your opinions in a constructive way.

6. Overspending on Presents

Whether you have one child or a dozen to shop for, the cost of holiday gifts can drain your bank account and push your credit limit. Your family knows there's a recession, so don't feel guilty about being a little frugal this year. You can find the perfect present for any budget in our gift guide.