How to Look Fabulous for Free this Season

Leave the green on the Christmas tree and look fab without spending any money!

The season is about giving. Finding the perfect gifts for and celebrating with all the special people in our lives is what we're all about. But that doesn't mean we don't want to look fabulous while we do it! Luckily, looking great doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg! Chances are you have a closet full of fabulous clothes from seasons past just waiting for you to pull them out and breathe new life into them. Here are a few suggestions to help you dig in and rework your existing wardrobe without spending a bunch.

Survey Your Closet
The first step is to really see what you have. Go through everything in your closet-clothes, shoes, handbags, everything-if it doesn't fit anymore, if it's worn or pilled, or is now hopelessly out of style, it needs to go. Donate any items still in wearable shape (this time of year is great, as wonderful charities are looking for even more donations) and toss the rest. It's tough, but it has to be done. Plus it will give you easier access to the stuff you can really wear.

Mix It Up
The hard part's over. Now it's time to play! Do you have skirts or trousers you only wear with certain sweaters? How about tops you only wear with jeans? It's time to break those fashion ruts. Try on your fancy blouses with jeans, your tees with work skirts, blazers over tanks. Take your suits and turn them into separates. Not everything is going to work, but you can create dozens of new ensembles with what you already have in your closet. And no one will be able to guess your "new" holiday party ensemble has made prior appearances.

Never forget, accessories can make an outfit, and this season is the perfect time to make your look a little more festive. Always wear black shoes with that dress? Pull out a pair of colored heels and see how you like it. Take a belt and cinch your waist over your sweater. Add a pair of statement tights to your favorite skirt or dress. Try a colorful scarf in your hair or tied to your handbag. You'll be amazed by how much you can change an outfit with a different pair of shoes or the addition of a bold necklace.

Fill in the Holes

Now that you've made yourself intimately familiar with the contents of your closet you know exactly what you need to really complete your wardrobe. Do you have dozens of pairs of jeans and only a few skirts? Have too much black and not enough color? Lots of clothes but too few accessories? Shopping your own closet will allow you to figure out where the holes in your wardrobe are so you can fill them. And, with people wondering what to get you for the holidays, it's a great time to make a wish list to get just what you want!

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