User post: Bring It, Gingerbread Man

triple ginger cookiestriple ginger cookiesDid everyone have a lovely weekend? Did your weekend include anything fantastic or earth-moving, like getting a brand new front-load washer and dryer that makes little musical sounds (rather than deafening buzzes) when a cycle is complete? How about rockin' out for two nights straight to the Beatles Rock Band with your hubs? Hmmmm.... did you make any cookies?

Clearly, you have some catching up to do. And while I can't buy you a new washer or teach you to play the guitar on expert (because really - who does that? oh right - me!), I can give you a virtual shove in the general direction of your kitchen. Because, for the next week or so, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I will lure you with cookies.
bucket o' cookiesbucket o' cookies
Is it working yet?!

ginger cookies, among othersginger cookies, among others What about now?

Alright. Let's start with my favorite, and if you act right (as my mom used to tell us in the k-mart - "Straighten up and act right!"), I'll give you some more. But since I'm callin' the shots around these parts, I get first pick - and I'll pick one of my favorite things in the whole wide world - GINGER.

ginger cookie batterginger cookie batter
And these ain't your average break-a-tooth gingernap or tastes-like-cardboard gingerbread man cookies. These here are, for lack of a better term, too legit to quit. Yeah - you know a girl is not to be reckoned with when she breaks out the Hammer lyrics.

Not just one, not even two, but three - count 'em, three - types of ginger. You've got the crystallized pieces, which I was lucky to even have since I seem to pluck cubes to snack on as if they were m&m's, and then you've got the fresh ginger root, shaved from the nubbly rhizomes via microplane, and last but not least - the traditional, the it-can't-be-a-ginger-cookie-without-it, ground ginger. Can we say trifecta, friends?

Then, THEN, you take all this lovely lovely gingery goodness and you add to it, light and dark brown sugar and molasses (molasses!), among other things. Kids, it don't get any better.

ginger ballsginger balls
Weeeeeelllll, maybe a little better, if you're into getting your hands coated in ginger cookie batter... Are you in? You roll lil' tablespoons of dough into balls and - whoa Nelly - you roll said balls into........sugar! Absolutely brilliant. And easy as, well, easy as making cookies on a chilly Sunday afternoon.

Want more cookies? Can ya handle more cookies? Alright then - prove it. I'll let you run the show for a change: leave a comment on the original post (don't be shy, first-timers) and put in your vote for round 2: chocolate-cayenne, peppermint-white chocolate, or clementine-cardamom.

Recipe for triple ginger cookies available on original post page as well!