User post: Dear Santa

bucket o' cookies

Hello. Hi. Howdy, Santa. It's me, Heather. Remember?


Okay, maybe not. Although, it was only 27 years ago. I'm sorry we weren't the best of friends then. I'm sorry my mom made me wear those pigtails - she was trying to make me look cute and innocent. But I probably still screamed and said that I didn't like you. I definitely tried my best to get away from you but you held me in place with those, those, those huge hands of yours.


But look at us there. We were BFF. And I know you were diggin' on my lilac jacket. And check out my color coordination - I was dressed. to. impress. I think that was our best year together. Me - stylish, you - new contacts and looser beard curls. It was all downhill from there, I'm afraid.
I'm sorry I let my mom give you those chips a-hoy cookies for all those years. I'm also sorry that sometimes I drank all of your milk before you got there, and I'm sorry that our fireplace was always really dirty. My dad really liked to build fires and he never would clean it for you, even though I told him to. You were still always very nice to me and you gave me the coolest gifts - that barbie bike rocked and I especially enjoyed all those cabbage patch dolls. That easy bake oven? You always knew how to make me smile. And you always wrote me the nicest thank you letters, although I swear you had my dad write them for you. That's ok, I know you were very busy.

zest of clementines
I know I didn't get to go visit you in the mall this year, or for that matter, the last .... 20 years. But to make up for it, I thought I would make you some tasty cookies. I hope you like clementines because they're my favorite - so little and cute and extra juicy. And if you're like me, cardamom might be one of your very favorite spices. I'm sure regular old sugar cookies or even oatmeal chocolate chip cookies would have been just fine and dandy, but I wanted to do something extra special so you'd remember me. I even made a special glaze on top - which kinda reminded me of the topping on those store-bought oatmeal cookies. It's really yummy.
sugar cookies
I hope you like these. I also made some ginger cookies, but I ate a lot of those and my husband took the rest to work to give to his friends. I would share homemade egg nog or spiced sangria with you, but that sleigh is hard enough to drive as is.

Thanks Santa, for everything. Tell Prancer hi.
Love, Heather, your BFF

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