User post: Holiday party in four days and I'm clueless!


My company's holiday party is in four days, and I don't really have anything nice to wear, nor do I have a clue on how to style my hair. I'm known as a tomboy at work, and I want to amaze everyone at the party! But I have nowhere to start.

My biggest problem is that I have a pear shape body, and many of the dresses I have tried are either very loose at the top or very tight at the thigh and buttocks area. I am about 5'4", around 120 lbs and have an olive complexion. As for my hair I have sort of the frizzy and straight type of texture ,and the length is right above my shoulders. I tried to straighten it but ended up looking funny it looks crispy straight and not soft.

Is there a fairy godmother that can help this disaster?