Make a homemade Tic Tac Toe board game with recycled materials

Tic Tac Toe is a fun and easy game. With just a pencil and scrap piece of paper, many parents have entertained children while waiting for everything from dinner to the doctor. Tic Tac Toe is fast and does involve a bit of strategy, making it fun and challenging, too. What's even better than playing with a pencil and paper is having a Tic Tac Toe board with movable pieces, much like checkers. It's even better when it's a homemade game made with recycled materials.

Just a few simple materials are needed.

A shoebox with lid or even a pizza box

6 reusable bottle tops


Markers or other craft supplies like ribbon and glue

Here's the idea behind the project.

The idea behind a homemade Tic Tac Toe game is to use the lid of the box, whether a shoe box or even a pizza box, as the playing board. The reusable bottle tops, that can be from anything from orange juice to jelly jars, will be the pieces for x and o. If the game board, with nine squares, is made on the box top, then the moveable pieces will be stored inside of the box. How cool is that?

Think themes.

Of course traditional Tic Tac Toe is played with x's and o's. This fun homemade game can be made with any theme. All you need is a pack of theme related stickers. Here are a few examples.

-- A Christmas theme could use stocking stickers and Santa stickers.

-- A Valentine's Day them could use heart stickers and flower stickers.

-- An Easter theme could use bunny stickers and egg stickers.

-- A St. Patrick's Day theme could use shamrock stickers and green top hat stickers.

-- A Halloween theme could use pumpkin sticker and bat stickers.

Of course your homemade Tic Tac Toe game doesn't have to be holiday related. You can choose a theme your kids love.

-- How about puppy stickers and kitten stickers for the animal lover?

-- How about Tyrannosaurus stickers and Brontosaurus stickers for the dinosaur lover?

-- How about red car stickers and blue car stickers for the racing fan?

-- How about bee stickers and ladybug stickers for little insect learners?

-- How about Bat Man stickers and Spider Man stickers for the super hero fan?

As you can see, your homemade Tic Tac Toe game can really be personalized.

Of course if you're teaching preschoolers letters or numbers, you can use any letters or any numbers to make your point and play your game.

My kids had so much fun with their first homemade Tic Tac Toe game with x's and o's that they've made many more using sticker sets and recycled materials.

Here are the easy steps to create the homemade Tic Tac Toe game.

Choose two different stickers and put them inside of six different bottle tops. The big peanut butter tops are our favorites to work with but there are so many options. If you recycle, you know that you are suppose to remove the tops so it's surprising how fast you can collect tops for a homemade game.

Now the really fun part is to design your board. Whether you use markers or glue or ribbon, you want to make nine equal squares with three rows of three.

There's just something about picking up and placing their game pieces that kids love and unlike little lightweight markers from store bought game, these bottle top pieces are chunky and easy and fun to work with.

Despite how much kids love the games that technology brings, kids still love homemade games with pieces to hold in their hands. This is a game the whole family can make and play in just minutes. So if you've been lamenting over a family game night or a family craft night, you can do both with this homemade Tic Tac Toe game.

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