Aquarius: Career & Finance

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1/20 - 2/18
Week starting from May 18  

Weekly Career

You'd best be a stern taskmaster with yourself on Monday, or else someone else may take on that role. It takes extra discipline to get anything done, but you'll want to get through your in-box and other mundane tasks so as to concentrate on decidedly bigger, better things over the next couple days. You're a mover and a shaker now and even those who're resistant to change are open to your ideas. But beware of a red herring around Thursday and Friday; track the real issues with care. And free time this weekend might just prompt a work-related revelation.

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Resist the tyke's tears when they see that trendy new toy. It's just an emotional ploy to get you to spend beyond your limits. Encourage them to focus on more reachable goals, such as getting those training wheels off.



This is a bad time to spend without thinking -- your money is likely to be needed in the near future. Things aren't exactly catastrophic, but you are almost certain to need more than you've got soon.



Don't trust your bank statement today, because a few payment are still waiting to be processed. So do things on the cheap and think about ways to get more for less. If you must go to dinner choose a place that's known for large portions at cheaper prices. Save some for tomorrow's leftovers, and pay with cash.



Breaking certain style rules and habits you adopted in your youth is hard to do. After all, you've grown attached to your curling iron and frosty pink lipstick. Grow up already. Try going against the grain once or twice to see how it feels. Small steps will yield big growth.