Aquarius: Career & Finance

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1/20 - 2/18
Week starting from July 6  

Weekly Career

Stick with your work routine at the beginning of the week, but fit some extra exercise into your day. You'll need it in order to de-stress and attain focus. The time for experimentation comes around Wednesday and Thursday, when testing a new approach is very illuminating -- and possibly very profitable. Keep track of metrics you'll be able to point to down the road (not to mention add to your resume). From Friday through most of the weekend, detailed work engages your attention and provides a feeling of accomplishment. Back-burner the big-picture stuff, just for the moment.

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Deeds count more than words to express your compassion today. Make a gesture in support of a children's cause dear to your heart. And later your other half will appreciate one that shows you understand and care.



Don't take that ATM slip too seriously -- you may have a sizable discrepancy coming one way or the other. That means you ought to play it safe financially until it all shakes out.



You've a tendency to overspend on meals out, but a tight budget will have you pulling in the reins today. You may find yourself dining at your local diner. Don't turn up your nose -- they have a few dishes that you'll come back to even when you're more flush.



It's tempting to lose your cool when your hard-earned cash isn't being well spent. Don't suffer flaky style pros who overbook, don't show up at all or do a mediocre job. Instead, find exactly what you're looking for. You deserve the best services possible.