Aquarius: Love & Relationships

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1/20 - 2/18
Week starting from January 5  

Weekly Love

What's the real issue at the beginning of the week? When it comes to romance, don't let the peripheral factors detract from the important ones -- and don't forget that you're half of the equation. Then Wednesday and Thursday will be supercharged days for you -- all electricity and no static, if the stars have their way! Give somebody's heart a jolt with your amazing spark now. And if Friday and Saturday seem lower-voltage, relax -- and listen up while you're at it. What you learn now could come into play on Sunday, when you're just plain burning hot.

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Useful connections can be made even at day care. Another mom might prove a fountain of useful parenting tips. Later you're only interested in the tie between you and your tyke, and a heart-to-heart talk around bedtime.



Your job prospects are opening up in a new way -- so unless you are totally committed to staying where you are, you need to open your eyes and apply for something new and exciting!



You may be forced to make important career decisions today, but don't jump blindly into the pool. Making choices can be easier if you put yourself in a relaxing environment, so settle in at your favorite vegan cafe. The ambiance will be perfect, and all that brain food may help with the process.



Feeling a little frazzled these days? Take some time to yourself tonight. Instead of going out to get a mani-pedi, stay in and perform a DIY version instead. Some time by yourself will be the best beauty treatment right now.