Aquarius: Love & Relationships

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1/20 - 2/18
Week starting from April 6  

Weekly Love

Monday may be busy work-wise, but you've got amazing interpersonal energy right now! Make time for your sweetie, or if you're single, check out some online options. The next couple of days are about timely processing -- both of concrete life stuff and your emotions. Don't procrastinate, and resist the impulse to dwell. Onward! Starting Thursday, a whole new perspective is possible, along with all sorts of positive interactions. What's in your love life's plus column? The weekend's a good time to assess, too, especially when it comes to relationships. What's major and what's minor?

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You get a chance to be helpful while making a new friend as well. Another parent needs a hand, and coming to their assistance will bring you closer together. Speaking of closeness, it's all about intimacy with the other half tonight.



Friendship really is magic for you -- and you may find that things start to get really magical late in the day! Your people know just what you need, and at least one surprise is coming your way.



New connections today may turn out to become new friends tomorrow. Naturally you'll want to impress them with your prodigious talents. It could be time for a homemade shrimp feast. Your new buds will be impressed with your skills, and with the grilled garlic-lemon prawns you'll serve them.



Tone your look down a notch or two for now. You'll feel a lot more comfortable in muted shades than you will in bold saturated colors -- and simple jewelry will suit you better than chunky avant-garde pieces.