Aquarius: Love & Relationships

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1/20 - 2/18
Week starting from August 17  

Weekly Love

You're extra alluring on Monday, so don't delay in making a move. Then, starting Tuesday and lasting a couple days, the line between the mystical and the real is fine indeed; moving between both realms is easy for you now, and you've got a certain magic touch. What sort of romantic rabbit will you pull out of the hat? Sometime around Friday, a pattern you haven't noticed before becomes apparent, and it's a discovery that can be very freeing. Be your unique self this weekend; some might find it odd, but a certain someone will love it.

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Resist the tyke's tears when they see that trendy new toy. It's just an emotional ploy to get you to spend beyond your limits. Encourage them to focus on more reachable goals, such as getting those training wheels off.



This is a bad time to spend without thinking -- your money is likely to be needed in the near future. Things aren't exactly catastrophic, but you are almost certain to need more than you've got soon.



Don't trust your bank statement today, because a few payment are still waiting to be processed. So do things on the cheap and think about ways to get more for less. If you must go to dinner choose a place that's known for large portions at cheaper prices. Save some for tomorrow's leftovers, and pay with cash.



Breaking certain style rules and habits you adopted in your youth is hard to do. After all, you've grown attached to your curling iron and frosty pink lipstick. Grow up already. Try going against the grain once or twice to see how it feels. Small steps will yield big growth.