Aquarius: Love & Relationships

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1/20 - 2/18
Week starting from November 2  

Weekly Love

You are more reserved than usual on Monday and Tuesday, holding back more than you really need to. That's fine, because an air of mystery is often a huge turn-on to the right people! As you open up through the week, you find that you have more in common with that special someone than you may have realized at first and it could mean a positive change in the way you relate to each other. The weekend brings confusion, as you can't figure out why things are happening the way they are. Chill and figure it out later.

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Get ready to be the social director! Your little one may not be quite ready for an all-night sleep over, but you could invite another mom over for a fun evening play date instead. The two of you can connect while the tykes play games.



Opportunity comes your way early today -- so make time for it and see where it leads! You should be able to get someone new to see things your way if you can just show them the facts.



Today will be a good one to spend with like-minded people. This will ensure that there will be no arguments, and everyone will get more done. This will come in handy at dinnertime when the group agrees that sushi will be the best choice and no one will mind a little extra wasabi.



Use caution when making big fashion investments these days -- you're too style savvy to be taken for a ride! If it's time to splurge on the pearls you've been wanting, for example, visit a reputable store.