Aquarius Horoscope

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1/20 - 2/18
Week starting from May 4  

Weekly Overview

Monday and Tuesday are challenging, no doubt about it. But try not to let the challenges bring you down. Challenges are fun! Sure, when it's real life and not a game, feelings get added to the mix, but that just makes things more interesting. Wednesday and Thursday, you feel strongly about something, and someone else strongly disagrees. What ends up happening is the joint discovery of a brilliant middle ground, something neither of you would have found if not for the other. This accomplishment makes you long (this weekend) for another challenge.

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Feel like you're losing the race to keep up with your kids? Plan activities they can do on their own, while you take some time to reflect. A little repose is refreshing and reviving, and helps you set a new strategy.



Your feel somewhat restricted today -- maybe a new rule has been implemented, or maybe you're just finding that your energy levels aren't what they were the other day. It gets better soon!



After last night's revelry, you may be suffering from record low levels of energy. Unless you take steps to see to your recovery, the day will turn out to be a waste. This means eating well, so try and keep the greasy diner food to a minimum!



If you want your beautiful things to last a long time, better treat 'em right! Before you throw that gorgeous lace camisole in the washing machine, for example, ask yourself if it's worth a few minutes to hand-wash it.