Aquarius Horoscope

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1/20 - 2/18
Week starting from August 24  

Weekly Overview

If you want to plan for the future at the beginning of the week -- and the stars say you do -- get others in on it. Bounce your ideas off another big-picture person. Get a practical point of view. Find out if what you're planning has worked for someone else. Then get ready to fully engage with the present around Wednesday and Thursday. It wants to fully engage with you, and a certain somebody may want to also! While the past seems to be calling on Friday or over the weekend, how much you want to go back is up to you. Hint: Been there, done that.

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Discipline -- not a favorite pastime. Still, applying a little to yourself today will feel remarkably freeing, as clearing away chores takes a weight off. Reward yourself with a time out later, just you and the other half.



You need an iron will to make it through the cavalcade of distractions coming your way today. If you need to get anything done, you may need to put blinders on or work from home in a quiet room.



A non-stop parade of indulgence has been marching through your life -- and across your plate. Don't diet -- that will just make you feel terrible. Instead, practice moderation and mindful eating. In other words, one cookie is fine. Two dozen, not so much.



You're a bundle of no-nonsense energy and, needless to say, ruffles and frills just aren't going to cut it now. Show the world you mean business in sleek cuts, sophisticated tweeds and bold colors (no bubblegum pink!).