Aries: Love & Relationships

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3/21 - 4/19

Monthly Love

Your month is starting out with a whole heck of a lot of plain, old-fashioned romance on the 1st! What could be better? Not a whole heck of a lot! You are looking into their eyes and they are gazing into yours and a chilly blast of autumn air whips by and you have to hold each other close for warmth. Ah! Is work taking up all your energy on the incredibly busy 6th, 7th and 8th? It sure looks that way. If you must cancel a date, then cancel it. Just don't stand your honey bunny up! That won't go down well. Follow your vision on the 13th or 14th. Do you see the two of you floating on a raft in the Bahamas? Make it happen! Or at least make sure something similar takes place, say on a faux-Bahamas date in your living room, where you sit on inner tubes and sip coconut drinks. On the terrific 17th or 18th, say yes! Get emotional on the 24th, 25th and 26th. They need to know how you feel! Your routine is what will help you through this busy time, so full of both work and romance, on the 29th, 30th and 31st.

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Whatever goes wrong today will be due to circumstances beyond your control. To you it's a little mishap, but to kids, the spilt milk or missing toy is a catastrophe. Once the tears subside they'll realize you are right.



Things are going on deep within you that you can't understand -- but you don't have to! You're in a really good position to make a difference when it comes to family or other group dynamics.



Today could be a good time to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Start with a sensible diet, then think about a new workout routine. Spice always helps make big changes go down more easily. Toss some extra jalapenos into that pot of delicious and healthy turkey chili.



Your day could very well feature new beginnings as well as a few profound endings. Keep your eyes peeled! Don't miss any opportunity to start new resolutions or say goodbye to old habits and burdens.