Aries: Love & Relationships

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3/21 - 4/19
Week starting from May 4  

Weekly Love

Conserve your romantic energy on Monday -- on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, you've got a sexiness that's electric! Impulsiveness isn't a flaw when it's prompted by your passionate spirit, and the stars say to go for it now. Send a hot email, set up a hot date! But look out for conflict around Friday, whether it's just schedules or something more significant. On Saturday night and Sunday, though, if your heart's in the right place, your love life can really go places. What -- or who -- comes first now?

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Something clear as mud to you may prove easy for the little one. Step back and watch them puzzle out that new toy or game that just doesn't make sense. Soon enough they'll figure it out on their own.



Today's issue is of vital importance, so do your best to take it seriously -- even if it seems silly on the surface. You can't get it figured out without some help, and a friend comes by at just the right time.



Direct your prodigious energies towards helping others today. Your aid will be appreciated, and they'll offer to reciprocate by taking you to a seafood dinner. Just try not to order the lobster tail and Dungeness crab cakes. You don't want to tax your friends' gratitude.



Altruism is a stylish asset -- perform a good deed for a harried friend. If you notice that her favorite conditioner is on sale, buy an extra bottle or two. You'll be pleased, your pal will be touched and, best of all, her hair will look great.