Aries: Love & Relationships

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3/21 - 4/19
Week starting from July 6  

Weekly Love

What does your family know about romance? Well, a lot, actually. They might not be the first people you'd think to ask for advice, but consider doing so on Monday. They would probably be flattered by your interest in their perspective. Then, Tuesday and Wednesday, you're going to learn a few new things on your own. Yup! They're great, very romantic days that most likely end with smooching. Wow. Thursday, Friday and Saturday return you to the ordinary world -- working, exercising, errands -- but a cute phone call on Sunday to you-know-who would go over smashingly.

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Get ready to take charge today. It's the only way you'll get everyone to school and work on time -- and remember to pick up the dry cleaning. If you must step in when a dispute arises over whose toy it really is, set clear rules.



Take advantage of this new opportunity before anyone else sees it -- there may not be room for everyone! Sure, it's a little selfish, but it's the kind of selfish that isn't a negative.



Whatever happened to the idea of family dinner? Whoever you consider your family -- friends, lovers, siblings, the cat -- take the time to make something they'll really love eating, and then join them. See? There is something better than winning at work: winning their hearts.



Your current energy is best suited to taking care of practical concerns, so save party-dress shopping for another time. For now, make sure you have all the shampoo, razors and toothpaste you'll need for a while.