Aries: Love & Relationships

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3/21 - 4/19
Week starting from August 3  

Weekly Love

Hop on your email, send text messages like mad or phone in some sweet nothings on Monday, when you're all about great communication, romantic and otherwise. The next few days could be a little emotionally rocky, so be sure to take time out for you. You've got the best energy you've had in eons on Thursday and Friday, so use it or lose it! Let others try too hard; your sex appeal's perfectly clear even if you're wearing a potato sack. This weekend, criticism's easy; it's the constructive part you should worry about.

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Where do all the toys and puzzle pieces go to? Turning over couch cushions and peering under furniture gets old. Think of how grownup your little one will feel when they learn to conduct their own searches. Hold that thought today.



Your emotions are running the gamut from manically happy to down in the dumps and back again -- it can get exhausting! Try not to worry too much about where the roulette wheel ends up, though.



You'll be a person on the go-go-go today. Some might call you aggressive as you ram through the day with a singular focus. They may have a point, so temper your hard-hitting drive with something to relax you. A few cups of hot chamomile tea may help settle you down to a dull roar.



Stick to the tried and true for now -- beauty products you've used before or hair colors that have garnered compliments in the past are your best bet. New and untried items, on the other hand, are a recipe for disaster!