Aries: Love & Relationships

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3/21 - 4/19
Week starting from October 12  

Weekly Love

Even if you just met the person you're seeing -- or even if you're not seeing anyone at the moment -- you're focused on the future early this week. Talk it over with the right person, or just daydream about what you want to see happen. Wednesday and Thursday are best for sticking with what you know, so try not to indulge in speed dating or push forward with a preexisting relationship. For now, the status quo is what you want. The weekend is different. It doesn't just permit far-ranging exploration; it practically demands it!

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Go ahead and run those errands and pick up all the stuff your tot can't live without. There's just one pitfall at the mall, though, as you may forget to read the fine print on a warranty. Don't sign anything until you do.



This isn't a good time to try new endeavors -- not even those that seem like they are the best of ideas. Your energy is just better suited to cleaning up old problems or motoring along on the same paths.



Real problems will call for real solutions today. You'll find this out at lunch when you realize that a mere salad won't be enough to tame your gigantic hunger. A veggie sub with melted provolone and a cup of lentil soup might be the more filling choice.



The more elaborate a skin care routine, the less likely you'll stick to it, not to mention the expense. Research different products and pick something you'll actually use consistently. If you don't, you're just wasting good money.