Aries Horoscope

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3/21 - 4/19
Week starting from July 13  

Weekly Overview

Sparks fly and turn into flame in previously neglected areas of your life when you make an effort to use different parts of your intellect. On Monday, exercise your verbal intelligence. Tuesday and Wednesday, explore the information and wisdom of your spirit and soul. Engaging in debates on Thursday and Friday helps you realize how much interchange and relationship can help you learn about the world, while the body contains much spontaneous wisdom on Sunday if you know how to listen with respect.

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Whatever goes wrong today will be due to circumstances beyond your control. To you it's a little mishap, but to kids, the spilt milk or missing toy is a catastrophe. Once the tears subside they'll realize you are right.



Things are going on deep within you that you can't understand -- but you don't have to! You're in a really good position to make a difference when it comes to family or other group dynamics.



Today could be a good time to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Start with a sensible diet, then think about a new workout routine. Spice always helps make big changes go down more easily. Toss some extra jalapenos into that pot of delicious and healthy turkey chili.



Your day could very well feature new beginnings as well as a few profound endings. Keep your eyes peeled! Don't miss any opportunity to start new resolutions or say goodbye to old habits and burdens.