Cancer: Career & Finance

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6/22 - 7/22
Week starting from March 23  

Weekly Career

Your shell may feel like the place to be at the beginning of this week, but clamping on those headphones and letting the email stack up means missing out on making important contributions. Be available if you want any input. Around Thursday and Friday, work styles can really clash. Instead of getting emotional, use your emotional intelligence to find common ground, bring people together and keep everyone goal-oriented. You'll be the hero. This weekend, your instincts about a certain player, an investment or another business matter are very much worth heeding.

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It's best to focus on intellect instead of emotion today. You may be able to fend off the little one's big temper tantrum if you respond in a reasonable, rational manner. Either way, it can't hurt to try.



You and your partner (romantic or otherwise) are at odds with each other today over something that seems silly at first glance but turns into a big deal the more you look at it. Try to see both sides.



Your brain is feeling a tad sluggish, so go out of your way to give your grey matter a pick-me-up. The Omega-3s found in fish like salmon and tuna can stimulate your neural synapses and you might even remember where you put your car keys. If you're a vegetarian, add flax or hemp seed to your diet for a similar lift.



A friend wants you to be honest about her new look. Frankly, you think it might be a mistake. But instead of being blunt, ask her how she feels about it. Then you can have a real, productive discussion.