Cancer: Career & Finance

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6/22 - 7/22
Week starting from August 10  

Weekly Career

Your work life and home life collide at the start of the week -- or maybe it's just that work is starting to feel like home, or vice versa, but in any case, what's happening isn't fun and you're not sure what to do about it. First of all, relieve yourself of the stress of new projects. Then, on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday, be careful. Be careful not to get involved in office politics, be careful not to be oversensitive, be careful signing important documents. The care you take is a measure of your alertness, and on Friday that alertness will pay off.

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Everyone you meet should be in a really good or a really bad mood today. Whichever one it is, remember what you tell your tyke: Share the joy and stash the crankiness. Then, you become part of the solution.



You feel somewhat more withdrawn today -- and there's nothing wrong with that! Sometimes you need to kick back on your own or with close family to let your emotional reserves fill back up.



Shades of grey have no place in your life right now. Why go for the turkey burger if you really want the kobe beef? Why get the dressing on the side if you know you don't really need it at all? Listen to your intuition and make your choice based on what it tells you.



Don't mess with tradition! If you wear the same blouse to all of your big meetings, for example, or have a signature shade of lipstick you can't bear to part with, this is no time to rock the boat.