Cancer: Career & Finance

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6/22 - 7/22
Week starting from September 7  

Weekly Career

A new project is not the answer on Monday. Things are not going smoothly in the office at the start of the week -- the cranky people are setting the dynamic. On Tuesday, upheaval of some kind (perhaps a staff transition?) is going down. On Wednesday, everyone is rubbing their eyes and feeling funny, including you. It's very important that you do something for yourself on Thursday -- maybe even stay home, if you can swing it. The flow of energy is erratic at best on Friday. Find a way to motivate yourself. In addition to more time for your own pursuits, the weekend offers rest.

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If you ease up on that home improvement project, it will have a better chance of succeeding. You need your other half's support to make it a reality. Even though you're gung ho, a soft-sell approach works better today.



Some important deadline or request is much harder to realize than you want it to be. Call in the cavalry and see if you can make things happen with a little help from your friends. It's not as bad as you fear.



Domestic problems at home may be ruffling some feathers, so offer an olive branch soon. Cook your mate an Asian-influenced home-cooked meal that includes lots of tasty spices and heartfelt apologies. Pull this off and you won't have to sleep on the couch.



Start a style project that'll last for the next several months -- it's all about your long-term beauty vision. Organize your closet so you can get dressed with ease for months to come or establish a fitness plan that'll yield benefits far into the future.