Cancer: Love & Relationships

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6/22 - 7/22
Week starting from January 5  

Weekly Love

While you'll wanna leave the brain surgery to those with more focus as the week gets going, the kind of diffuse but lovely energy you've got going is excellent for exploring matters of the heart and seeing how things mesh or contrast. But you'll definitely have more of an edge around Wednesday and Thursday; so much so that you could come across as a bit cutting. Know when to soften up! On Friday and over the weekend, though, you're naturally charming and maybe a bit impetuous -- perfect for making romance happen. That crazy idea isn't so far-fetched.

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You're more than ready for a new beginning. Time to walk away from anything in the past that may have been troubling. Once you seize the initiative and do something different, you'll see how wonderful that feels.



Your indecision isn't a problem -- it's actually a benefit today! You should find that people give you the room to hem and haw and keep absorbing new information while your intuition chews at the problem.



You may want to invite a new romantic interest to dinner tonight, but don't try to impress him by cooking a recipe that's out of your league. Pheasant under glass may be a bit more difficult than you thought. Stick with a nice pasta feast instead. He doesn't have to know that the sauce came out of a bottle.



It's time for some serious fun, so don't beat yourself up if you can't get it all done today. Head out for pedicures and massages with similarly like-minded pals -- it's less about long-term planning and more about short-term fun with friends now.