Cancer: Love & Relationships

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6/22 - 7/22
Week starting from March 23  

Weekly Love

A date isn't the right thing at the start of the week, so if you have something planned, find an excuse to reschedule. You want to be at your best. The more pressing issue is to sort out what's going on between you and a friend, or you and your boss, or you and whoever's making things tough. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the challenge is to be flexible and easy-going -- even when you don't particularly feel like being flexible and easy-going. This weekend is another story: It's awesome. It has philosophical richness. It's a perfect time to explore new territory with someone.

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You're more than a match for your tyke and their intense feelings. Before they work themselves up into a tantrum over lost television time, distract them. Try something active, such as a swimming class together.



Things are pretty intense today -- so make sure that you're pushing back just as intensely! You've got a boost from a wave of positive energy that's overtaking you, and you can easily win the day.



Big emotions may get the best of you today. Try to keep things to a simmer because boiling over in public is embarrassing. Keep your cool until you get home, but be careful that the next thing you boil over isn't the soothing lentil soup you want to have for dinner.



You're ready to break up the weekday monotony at the moment, and your good-natured side knows just what it's going to take. If a casual midday soccer game or desk-side facial masks seem like just the ticket, trust yourself.