Cancer: Love & Relationships

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6/22 - 7/22
Week starting from November 9  

Weekly Love

You're liable to be staring off into space on Monday, thinking about you-know-who -- and you might even reach an important conclusion if you take time to listen to that inner voice. But beware of jumping to conclusions about important interpersonal stuff around Tuesday and Wednesday, when your first reaction may not be altogether sensible. Home is where your heart is around Thursday, and you're the heart of any gathering, too. Feel the love! This weekend, though, you're likely ready to bust out. A hot night out? Why not?

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Keeping the work-life equation in balance is tricky -- but you're up for the challenge. Even if office issues are hanging over your head right now, don't let the tyke in on those stresses. Focus on them.



Take good care of yourself -- it's a good time for further education or for positive steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Get some advice if you think you need it, but your intuition should be enough.



It'll feel like your get and go got up and went today. That's okay, because your schedule is actually looking pretty easy right now. Conserve your energy, hang out on the couch or in the garden and make sure to keep meals nice and easy.



Just watch -- don't act for now. Your mission is to pay extra attention to the people around you: Note what you like, what you don't and what you're seeing an awful lot of. Today is all about collecting data.