Cancer: Love & Relationships

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6/22 - 7/22
Week starting from December 14  

Weekly Love

Step out, step it up and say what you mean as the week begins. Make the hours when you aren't working count -- do something you wouldn't normally do, and be adventurous when it comes to meeting new people or expressing feelings to a romantic partner or prospect. By Wednesday and Thursday, you're on top of the world if the stars have their say, and you definitely have extra attraction power! Emotions flow in positive ways, and your heart speaks up loud and clear. When the weekend comes, you're doing great, but don't get into showing-off territory. Reel it in -- just a bit!

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You're brimming with great energy today. Maybe it's because of all the magical things you have planned for the next few weeks. Your child is sure to pick up on it, and you'll both enjoy the anticipation of it all.



Your mind is wandering today -- but there's nothing wrong with that! You may find that you are in a good place at work or with home chores, so you've got the luxury of daydreaming.



You'll have good energy today and you'll be primed for anything. Spontaneity will be your second nature. Someone wants to get queso fundido -- in Mexico?! Sure, why not? You've saved those frequent flyer miles for just such an occasion.



Change that happens in small increments usually lasts much longer and feels better than drastic metamorphoses. It might not be as dramatic, but stick with whatever gym or skin routine you have going on. You'll experience excellent results over time.