Capricorn: Career & Finance

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12/22 - 1/19
Week starting from February 23  

Weekly Career

If your ideal plan doesn't fly as the week begins, don't get discouraged -- get constructive criticism and direction instead. You can make it bigger, stronger and better -- and come out looking like a genius -- as soon as Wednesday and Thursday. The stars say recognition's coming your way now, as your hard work impresses the right players. Stick with what's working around Friday and Saturday; new financial schemes are especially to be avoided. Then, on Sunday, expect a brainstorm (and make some notes so you don't lose the electricity).

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While your tyke is feeling a little on the wild side today, you know that they need some serious structure. If you're having issues finding a balance, try a compromise: Ten minutes of reading will get them ten minutes of pretending to be a jet plane, and so on.



Your progress seems to move along at unbelievable speeds today -- so make the most of it! Your energy is good enough to keep you on the right track long into the night, if you feel like it.



Keep plans on track today, but be willing to entertain alternatives. In all likelihood, that seafood chowder you slaved over will turn into the masterpiece you had hoped for, but just in case, keep the number of a good take-out place handy.



Don't be too tied to your home base. Stash a tube of your favorite lip gloss in your bag and car, for example, or keep gym clothes under your desk. Save time by not having to make a pit stop at your house after you leave work.