Capricorn: Career & Finance

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12/22 - 1/19
Week starting from April 27  

Weekly Career

Cultivate those connections on Monday, when a little check-in can bring big things your way. And your timing's great now, whereas over the next couple days, circumstances tend to throw schedules and deadlines off. Set priorities carefully now; what's postpone-able and what'll snowball? Thursday and Friday tend to bring things back in order, with the kind of energy that brings you real satisfaction in jobs well done. And when it comes to work-related matters this weekend, remember that talking the talk's the easy part. Do you -- or do they -- truly intend to follow through?

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A new career path may open up today. Since it's right in front of you, why not see where it will lead you? As long as you don't commit yourself right away, no harm done. It will only be as big a deal as you make it -- your choice.



Your friends are all over you for some reason -- let's hope it's a good one! Even if they're confused or mistaken, your energy is good enough to convince them that all is well in your world.



You'll make all the right decisions today. When confronted with a choice, your gut will point you in the right direction. So after work it won't take you long to settle on your favorite Italian restaurant over everything else, simply because they have the best antipasto and cannelloni in the world.



Follow your mood! If you're feeling wild and sassy tonight, think boa, glitter, teased hair and high, high heels. But if you're after a subdued look, swath yourself in a luxurious pashmina. Celebrate your style; honor your life.