Capricorn: Career & Finance

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12/22 - 1/19
Week starting from August 17  

Weekly Career

You're easily ticking things off of your to-do list on Monday and Tuesday, which is a nice feeling. Your pace is beautiful these days, but there's a certain way you have of dealing with situations that you're trying to work on. A change in your approach is a fine idea, but don't stray too far from what you do well. Wednesday and Thursday, connecting with other people is a lot more important than anything else, so if a project deadline has to be pushed back or a strategy rethought, well -- push back and rethink. On Friday, postponement figures strongly, as do opposing ideas and stability.

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This would be a wonderful day to help the kiddo get organized. With that mountain of toys and games in the nursery, they can't find anything they need. Establish a place for everything and they will stop bugging you to help excavate.



It's time to pull back from your latest worry or problem and try to see it from a fresh perspective. You may find it easier to see solutions if you pretend you're a detached observer.



Turn to friends to help you through stressful situations today. For the most part they're always there for you, especially if you add a little extra incentive in the form of homemade cupcakes and invitations to cassoulet dinners.



Your to-do list won't get you far unless you actually take it out and get cracking! Spend any free time you have now doing your hand-washing, stocking up on your favorite products and visiting the local dry cleaner.