Capricorn: Career & Finance

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12/22 - 1/19
Week starting from October 5  

Weekly Career

If you all join forces -- maybe literally holding hands would help -- you'll be able to do unbelievable things (for the business) on Monday and Tuesday. You're in an idealistic mood, sure, but these are the moods in which you get your best work done. By Wednesday, you're feeling like a superhero, which is good, because the second half of the week requires super-heroic perseverance. Thursday and Friday, keep plugging along come what may. It won't be until the weekend rolls around that you are able to appreciate how much you've accomplished.

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This is more like it -- a high energy day in which to make some headway on the job. Show a higher up that you're the one for the new assignment. Don't be so modest when it comes to listing your past accomplishments, either.



Your plans are coming together quite well today, so push forward and make sure that you're taking advantage of this great situation. Things may get a little funky in a few days, but if you believe in yourself you should be able to make great progress



Today will seem slower than ... well ... molasses! That doesn't mean you can't enjoy this rich, dark sweetener. Mix it in with some beans, replace your white sugar in baked goods with its oozy goodness or pep up your coffee or tea with a spoonful.



Deal with style tasks in progress before you move on to the rest. Don't just leave the laundry sitting in the dryer while you head to the mall, for example -- it'll only come back to haunt you (and wrinkle your duds!).