Capricorn: Career & Finance

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12/22 - 1/19
Week starting from November 2  

Weekly Career

The detachment you experience on Monday and Tuesday is actually quite useful. It allows you to view the big picture (as evidenced by the accumulation of many smaller trends) with a cold eye. That, in turn, leads to making better business decisions. Wednesday and Thursday, the most important thing is structure: Do everything you do with a purpose and a goal in mind. On Friday, several of your goals will be accomplished in tidy succession. While it appears magic to everyone else, you've been slaving to make that happen.

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This would be a wonderful day to help the kiddo get organized. With that mountain of toys and games in the nursery, they can't find anything they need. Establish a place for everything and they will stop bugging you to help excavate.



It's time to pull back from your latest worry or problem and try to see it from a fresh perspective. You may find it easier to see solutions if you pretend you're a detached observer.



Turn to friends to help you through stressful situations today. For the most part they're always there for you, especially if you add a little extra incentive in the form of homemade cupcakes and invitations to cassoulet dinners.



Your to-do list won't get you far unless you actually take it out and get cracking! Spend any free time you have now doing your hand-washing, stocking up on your favorite products and visiting the local dry cleaner.