Capricorn: Love & Relationships

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12/22 - 1/19
Week starting from March 23  

Weekly Love

This week you're turning heads left and right, but they aren't necessarily people checking you out. All eyes are on you because you're doing impressive things at work. You seem to have a better sense of the future than anyone. The reactions you're receiving from others are motivating, but in quiet moments you really wish you were elsewhere, in the arms of someone you love. What happens to you this week may have little to do with your love life, but that doesn't mean you aren't thinking about romance all the time. This weekend, you and a pal are going to bond over a love song on the radio.

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You may find some of your financial arrangements need revamping. You of all people know the value of a contingency plan, so you've likely got it covered. And that includes plenty of gear for the tyke.



Now is a really good time for you to focus on savings, investments, retirement accounts and the like. It may not be sexy, but it gives you comfort and your mind is perfectly primed for it today.



Something inside of you may want to go a little wild today, but you still won't want you to stray too far from your conservative roots. It'll be easy to find a compromise tonight, so visit a seafood restaurant for dinner, and boldly order the Manhattan rather than New England clam chowder.



It's a good day for multiple, time-saving beauty treatments. Apply a hair mask and a face mask as you give yourself an at-home pedicure -- or get a facial and a reflexology treatment simultaneously.