Capricorn: Love & Relationships

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12/22 - 1/19
Week starting from July 20  

Weekly Love

Watch for some fresh inspiration when it comes to the future at the beginning of the week, particularly in the realm of romance. Never say never -- a change may be exactly what's needed. Think more about it between Wednesday and Friday, when the stars send some extra creativity your way, as well as the ability to connect on a different level. Your instinct about matters of the heart is right-on now, too -- follow it. If you have to give or take a rain check for a date planned this weekend, be sure to follow up. Postponing the outing may just make it better anyway.

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It's okay that you've pinned your little one's latest masterpiece to the office billboard -- you're so proud of them! Let their creativity inspire you to try a more right-brained approach to a business problem.



Surprise the competition today -- they will never see you coming. Your creative ideas are perfect for taking advantage of your current situation, and your practical nature helps you succeed.



A heartbroken friend will come to you for comfort. You're always glad to help with sage advice and good food. Nothing soothes a bruised heart like comfort food, so heat up leftover lasagna and garlic bread. Have some yourself. Head out for dessert -- a walk will do the both of you some good.



Sometimes you need to hit the gym less and hit the sheets more. If you're not getting enough sleep, you occasionally need a night or two to make up the deficit. Next step: Plan how you can avoid sleep deprivation in the future.