Capricorn Horoscope

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12/22 - 1/19
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Weekly Overview

Monday morning may bring a mishap (or two), but keep your chin up and keep going -- by later in the day (and through the next couple of days), the energy shifts in your favor. What would you like to accomplish now -- at work, at home and in romance? Choose an objective and take it by storm. Around Thursday and Friday, give your mind some space to explore, and you might just develop a fresh, innovative vision. Seek out something that inspires you, which might include some music or art this weekend. Show somebody your creative side, and they'll be even more impressed.

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All your recent hard work may finally get some recognition. It could be on the job, from the parents at day care or for the project you spearheaded. Since you're in such a good mood, stop off for a treat for your kiddo.



Your energy feels fantastic right now, and you should be able to see this phase through to a very happy ending. In fact, it may open a door that leads to a brand new chapter of your life.



Recognition for all your hard work may be on its way today, but are you ready for it? If you insist on digging into sloppy fresh-cracked crab at lunch, make sure you wear the bib. If you need to eat the 40-cloves garlic chicken, stock up on breath mints!



Be sure to divide your style energies equally: You don't want to end up wearing perfectly selected baubles with jeans and a ho-hum sweater, for example. But don't adorn that cocktail dress with a macaroni necklace either!