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2013 Forecasts

Horse Overview
Snake does not move at a gallop, so the pace this year may not be to your liking! You're looking at four favorable and eight unfavorable months. The trick is to be more Snake-like: slow down and make calculated moves. Think. Plan. Meditate. Sure, it's not as fun as riding off into the wide open spaces, but it's safer. Speaking of safety, this is a Water year, and Horse's fixed element is Fire. Water can put out your Fire, not to mention your luck. This is not the time to take risks. Hold off until your year next year!
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Horse Career
Be more cautious than usual this year, as change is probably not good for you now. Dig in and make the best out of your current situation. Don't cause too much commotion at work. Proceed with care. This is a year for mental stimulation, though, so don't hold yourself back. Let your mind flow and good ideas will follow. Just be a little careful and make sure you aren't burning the candle at both ends. While it's in your nature to blaze your own trail alone, this year you may want to involve a few more people than usual.
Horse Relationships
You're a sign that likes to run free and looks for wide open spaces. The Snake prefers more intimate places. Although you might have seemingly opposite traits, there are definitely some things you could learn from the Snake this year. Your urge to run and find greener pastures could be keeping you from experiencing the wonders of intimacy and a truly committed relationship. Take note: Love might truly set you free this year, oh lovely Horse!
Horse Health
There could be a price to pay if you overwork yourself this year. Be careful if you find yourself getting stressed out. A small headache could lead to a larger issue if you don't deal with it. The best thing you can do is schedule in enough sleep and rest. You should also be on guard for things that could affect your circulatory system and lower legs. Being that this is a Water year, incorporate some into your life: A walk on the beach, a new fish tank, daily swims. Whatever floats your boat -- pun intended!
Horse Wealth
A Snake year is definitely not the time for you to take chances with your money. What may seem like a calculated risk could be far more dangerous than you realize. Be very wary of anyone pitching you outlandish ideas. Things aren't always what they seem. Your best path is a conservative one. Put some money aside and rest assured knowing that greener pastures lie ahead.

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