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2012 Forecasts

Tiger Overview
Okay, the Dragon is probably not exactly your style. But admit it -- you like it nonetheless. After all, you'd fly if you could. In Chinese astrology, the Dragon rules the Eastern sky, while the Tiger rules the Western. You're almost bosom buddies. Not only that, it's a Water year, and that's your most favorable element. Luck is with you! And, nine favorable months should give you a ton of great opportunities. As long as you don't get carried away by every wild scheme the Dragon cooks up, you should do well. Anything to do with communication, networking or travel could lead to your heart's desire. This is a year during which you'll want to be active. Make a commitment. Begin new projects. Be bold. Take chances. It's time to live your dreams!
Tiger Rating
63% (9 favorable and 3 unfavorable months)
Tiger Career
One thing is almost certain: work should be much more exciting than last year. The Rabbit moves much more slowly than you're accustomed to, so you're ready for some action throughout this Dragon year! Your work life could take off if you ride this high energy while still being careful where you step. Impulsiveness could get the best of you this year, but it could also work to your advantage. It's a time to shine and be a leader, but don't try to overpower everyone or assume you know best. Make career moves in your lucky months and be a team player in your unlucky ones. Merge your talents and try to make friends with the enemy -- it could lead to a lucky partnership or business deal.
Tiger Relationships
Passion and lust should be abundant for you this year! In fact, your love life will get the boost it needs, whether you're planning a wedding or just looking for some kind of commitment. Impulsive love affairs may not last if you're single (the Dragon can't always finish what it starts), but they could turn out to be sizzling hot! Changes on the relationship front are likely, but what those look like exactly will be personal to you. Since the Dragon is a karmic sign, fate may step in and shake things up. Regardless, your love life should be busy, inspiring and full of epic moments. Are you ready?
Tiger Health
Your presence is in high demand this year, but don't let that derail you from your personal needs -- especially when it comes to your health. It's a good time to consider what you want to change in order to develop more positive exercise and nutrition habits. Don't let the adventurous spirit of a Dragon year throw you off balance from your central core. In other words, stay in touch with your inner world and lead yourself through your intuition and keen senses. You'll need a strong and healthy body-mind connection to be at your best in all areas of life.
Tiger Wealth
If you were conservative in the year of the Rabbit, you might feel like it's time to spend in the year of the Dragon. However, this isn't necessarily the case, so try to hold off on buying that time-share vacation property in the Caribbean or a new luxury vehicle. Instead, exercise caution and make sure you read all the fine print before committing to something you may later regret. Don't be lax about who you trust or where you put your money. And can you fight your inner impulsiveness? If so, you could actually get ahead this year -- although it will require extra effort on your part.

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