Gemini: Career & Finance

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5/21 - 6/21
Week starting from April 27  

Weekly Career

Save your breath on Monday and concentrate on quietly exploring solutions instead. Bouncing your ideas off others is much more advantageous over the next couple days. Then around Thursday and Friday, pay particular attention to issues surrounding confidentiality, security and so forth; check firewalls, watch what's on your screen and plug assorted holes before they become problems instead of after. And you're even more of an interpersonal genius this weekend than usual, whether you're working, networking or engaged with more personal matters!

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Time to unleash the kid in you! Your tyke isn't the only one who loves to ride bikes or walk barefoot in the sand. The two of you should get outdoors and enjoy each other's company. Take your cues from them.



You need to take a partner aside for a serious chat. This could be your sweetheart or a long-time business associate, but one way or another, they need to hear how you really feel.



Don't preach to friends about their eating habits today when yours aren't exactly admirable. Adapting proper nutrition can be something you can all learn together. Do your research and share your notes. It won't be long before you all come to love different styles of cooking.



'Ordinary' probably sounds like a naughty word to you! Do whatever it takes to banish it from your vocabulary -- let the scissors loose on that old t-shirt, for example, or scour the Internet for wacky, unique items.