Gemini: Career & Finance

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5/21 - 6/21
Week starting from October 12  

Weekly Career

Let the emergence of a new player or new knowledge inform your actions as the week begins. Being responsive is crucial, so don't just stick to the plan -- revamp it. Around Wednesday, your communication directly impacts your reputation. Keep it short and make it direct; if it's going to a number of people, run it by a trusted colleague first. Then toward the end of the week, don't be afraid to say what everyone's thinking or ask questions about the fundamentals. Raising the issue in a timely manner means less backtracking later -- you'll be thanked.

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This is a good day to nurture creativity. Break out the finger paints, glitter and tissue paper. Then clear a spot on the refrigerator door. You know just how to encourage a masterpiece from the tyke.



Your career prospects are getting brighter -- so make sure that you're paying closer attention to your ambition. Things may seem a bit foggy, but you can still advance your position.



Look for ways to help increase your focus. That means less multitasking. If you're eating a meal, eat the meal -- don't play Candy Crush on your phone while trying to Skype with your best friend at the same time.



How many more aromatherapy products, cosmetic gift baskets, herbal tea samplers and scented candles do you need? Clean out your attics, closets and garage and donate those goods to a nursing home or a thrift store right away. Spread around your beauty bounty!