Gemini: Love & Relationships

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5/21 - 6/21

Monthly Love

Are you dreaming of a little tropical island on the 1st? A place with a palm tree and a long white sandy beach? That's basically totally deserted except for you and that very attractive person sitting on the bus across from you reading an eBook? Well, well, well. Go ahead and dream! But if you really want to reach that daydream beach hand in hand with the person on the bus, you'd do best to ask them for their phone number before they get off at their stop. Pay all your bills on the 5th. That way, you'll know just how much you have left over to splurge on that super amazing romantic date you're probably going to have on the 7th, 8th or 9th. Don't worry: Even if you have no cash in hand, the date is going to be a real success. You two love walking through the city together! Go ahead and debate politics with them on the 12th, 13th or 14th. A little sparring never hurts! In fact, it's crucial to the getting-to-know-you phase. By the 19th and 20th, you might want to just chill out. After all, you're both adults. Share a deep thought on the 25th. Communicate on the 30th. Tell them they should, too.

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Your little one loves to hear the same stories over and over -- and over again. Your active mind needs something new, but the repetition is necessary for them to learn. You can always read and watch TV at the same time later.



Help someone out today -- even if they don't really deserve it. You still get something good back from the universe when you extend your energy out in new directions, and that is certainly worthwhile.



Strong powers of observation should tell you which situations to avoid today. If you see nothing but exceptionally unhealthy-looking people gorging on greasy, trans-fat laden meals at the fast food joint, the clear choice will be to run for the nearest salad bar.



What you, worry? Not a chance! You're headed toward a positively flirtatious evening. Just dab on some shimmery gloss, a whisper of glowing bronzer and don your sexiest micro-mini. Then, go out and have some fun!