Gemini: Love & Relationships

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5/21 - 6/21
Week starting from February 9  

Weekly Love

It's wise to start slow this week when it comes to romance. You might not be quite clear on what you want -- or your desires may bump up against someone else's. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are much better suited to meetings of the minds, heart-to-hearts and all manner of sweet connections. Do be aware that your light banter may be hitting them hard -- be clear about relationships and what they mean, for their sake! And for best romantic results this weekend, replace your usual laissez-faire, free-form approach with close observation, analysis and understanding.

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A fresh point of view can work miracles. Check out some new parenting books or attend a lecture. And if the romantic side of your relationship has been getting a little stale, taking a fresh approach will change that.



Your idealistic nature is at the forefront of today's activities, and you may find that your great energy helps you set the world back on track. Make sure that you're pushing for what's right.



You may be changed by a radical new experience today. It may shake you to the core of your beliefs, and you may never be the same. So say yes to that documentary about cattle raising or pick up a book on the state of agribusiness today. It will open your eyes.



Are your roots getting out of hand, but you don't have time for a salon visit? You can perform a do-it-yourself touch-up at home, or you can buy any number of hair crayons and mascaras to temporarily mask the color. Think outside the style box.